When do nutrients in celery juice take effect?

Celery powder is an herb, not a high-calorie drink, so you need to eat breakfast to replenish energy. The best time to drink celery is every morning when you wake up and your stomach is empty.

 Celery is a plant food belonging to the group of spices, so it contains a low nutrient content (sugar, protein, fat) and low calorie and starch content, contains some essential oils (fragrant, spicy) It has a stimulating effect on appetite, increases food digestion and has nearly 10 different antioxidants.

In 40g of celery, it contains 6 calories and 1.2g of starch comes mainly from the fiber. It is fat-free and rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamins K, A, potassium and folate (vitamin B9) that provide health benefits.

Celery powder is an herb, not a high-calorie drink, so you need to eat breakfast to replenish energy. The best time to drink celery is every morning when you wake up and your stomach is empty.

1 - Benefits of celery juice

When celery juice is taken properly, it is an effective remedy. Helps clear, glowing skin, improves digestion, reduces bloating, maintains energy, better mood, weight loss and mental stability.

It heals all kinds of acute and chronic diseases, including thyroiditis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, constipation, chronic fatigue syndrome, blood sugar problems, migraine, acid reflux, high blood pressure, gout, allergies...

Warning: Those who are low blood pressure, kidney disease shouldn’t be used celery juice every day.

2 - How much celery juice should you drink in a day?

Celery juice helps to detoxify the body, so you need a large enough amount to do this function. First, it helps kill bacteria present in the oral cavity. Then, it enters the intestines, stomach, etc., where there is a lot of ammonia, acids and harmful bacteria. It will also filter out impurities in other organs such as the kidneys, liver, fat and protein that have been stored for a long time in the intestines.

To promote the full effect of celery, you need to persevere in using celery every day. To supplement 25-30g of fiber, an adult needs to use 300g of vegetables and 200g of fruit/day. So you should use 7-12 packs of 3g/day.

3 - How can you drink celery easily? Should celery juice be mixed with fruits?

If this is your first time using it, you can mix celery with cucumber or apple juice to make it easier to drink. After getting used to the taste of celery juice, you can increase the amount of celery and minimize the remaining two ingredients. Celery juice take effect when you drink it pure without adding other fruits and vegetables, limit drinking with ice.

4 -  Why do you get flatulence after drinking celery juice?

Celery juice quickly speeds up digestion. It promotes the liver to increase bile production, and immediately enhances the production of gastric hydrochloric acid. Then, It starts to break down old undigested rotten proteins, old rancid fats trapped at the bottom of the stomach and in the small intestine that have been there for decades in everyone's body. Once these fats and proteins dissolve, bloating tends to go away for most people dealing with chronic bloating issues.

For some people, the possible feeling of bloating can range from mild to severe, it depends on how toxic your digestive tract is and how much undigested rotten debris is in your digestive tract. When you persist in using celery juice properly, the condition and toxicity of your digestive tract will improve and bloating can disappear.

5 - How long will it take to feel the benefits of drinking celery juice?

It depends on what condition the person is in. Almost everyone feels benefits of some kind in their first week of drinking celery juice in the right amount and in the right way daily. Many people even feel benefits after their first juice.

It all depends on the person and their circumstances, such as their health conditions and symptoms and how toxic and overburdened their liver is with different pathogens and poisons such as pesticides, solvents, herbicides, toxic heavy metals, and all kinds of other chemicals and toxins. 


If someone is dealing with weight issues, they have a lot of putrefied and rancid fats in their colon, and/or a lot of bacteria in their intestinal tract such as streptococcus, this will also affect the healing timeline. But most people feel a difference pretty quickly.

Even if you haven't seen its tangible effects yet, trust it. The healing effects of celery juice have already begun to work when it enters the body. The process can be slow or fast. Please be patient.

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