How To Make Nutritious Fried Rice With Simple Green Vegetable Powders At Home

Mixed fried rice from eggs, rolls, meat...will be more delicious. Especially when mixed with nutrient-rich vegetable powder to fight nausea compared to other "versions" outside the restaurant.

Fried rice is definitely a familiar dish to all of us. Let's make a delicious and simple mixed vegetable fried rice with Dalahouse for the family.




- 1 cup of white rice

- 1 fried and shredded chicken egg

- 1/2 teaspoon soy sauce

- 1/4 teaspoon shallot/minced garlic

- Spices: fish sauce, brown sugar...

- Dalahouse vegetable powder


Making :


- Spread the rice evenly.

- Fry oil with purple onion. Add the rice and mix the rice with the oil.

- Add soy sauce, pepper, spices to fried rice. Stir well for 1 more minute for the seasoning to penetrate the rice.

- Stir the rice with low heat for about 2 minutes, add Dalahouse vegetable powder and continue to stir.

- Put the fried rice on a plate. Add eggs, sprouts, cucumbers to use.


With a mission to help people nurture and achieve the best health. Dalahouse always strives to produce quality products from selected raw materials to help users achieve their desire to improve health. Dalahouse freeze-dried organic vegetable powder is a solution to supplement vegetables for the whole family.



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