DalaHouse was established in December 2017. We aim to create processed products that keep the most original taste, color and nutrition of green vegetables and fruits by investing in the most modern advanced food processing technologies.


We are the first company in Vietnam to research, produce and apply 100% pure freeze-dried green vegetable powders to the Vietnamese market.


Vision: to be the first company to develop and process organic agricultural products in their original, environmentally friendly and sustainable form.


Mission: Provide delicious, safe and healthy organic agricultural products for the health of all families, especially children and the elderly.


DalaHouse commit to controlling product quality with the strictest and transparent process as most as possible. At the same time, it also follows the commitment to fair trade. Always aim for quality over quantity.

Join us if you feel we are sharing the same value chain and belief in the agriculture of Viet Nam!




DalaHouse believes that each vegetable, fruit, tree, and grass on earth is a medicine that can help people maintain and protect health and beauty. DalaHouse wants to create products that are completely natural, taking advantage of the available raw materials in nature combined with modern production processes to create value-added products that are good for health and convenience. usable and safe for our customers.

In order to control the best quality in this period, DalaHouse force to participate in all stages in the process of creating products from cultivation - processing - distribution. But also thanks to that we can create products with reasonable prices.

DalaHouse knows that with a small company and involved in all stages that will be difficult to grow fast and far, but DalaHouse believes that it will help us develop sustainably. At DalaHouse we are always proud to say that:

“ Day by day, DalaHouse always tries to create good quality products completely from nature"



1. Organic Farms:


Dalahouse's organic farm is located under the primeval forest in the south of Lam Vien plateau where covered with mist with an altitude of over 1000 m. This highland area was chosen by Dalahouse to develop a sustainable organic material area with a forest garden ecosystem. Dalahouse wishes to bring to customers green nutritious organic vegetables and fruits, becoming a daily health care product for you and your family.

 2. Factory:

Dalahouse is producing by freeze-drying and freeze-drying technology to reach the food hygiene and safety standards, ISO 22,000:2018 certificate and FDA certificate issued by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Address: Group 2, Yen Khe Ha Hamlet, Lac Lam Commune, Don Duong District, Lam Dong Province

3. Distribution system:

Dalahouse is distributing products at organic supermarket chains, clean food stores and on e-commerce sites.

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