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In recent years, the trend of using green vegetable powder has increased, which shows that the demand for health care with foods of natural origin is being concerned. In addition, consumers feel anxious when the market begins to appear products of unclear origin, with poor quality. Since, Dalahouse has set a goal to protect consumers' health with a product line of 100% organic green vegetable powder, which is grown from a farm in Don Duong - Lam Dong.

With the desire that all Vietnamese people can use clean green vegetable powder products with high quality, Dalahouse mainly focuses on seed selection. Seeds which is planted at Dalahouse farm are imported from a reputable unit in the US, organic seeds are mainly used for planting such as kale, spinach, celery, wheatgrass, beetroot, …



Green vegetable powders are produced by freeze-drying technology - one of the most advanced technologies in food processing today. After harvest, green vegetable powder is produced using low temperatures and a freezing system to separate moisture and water vapor from the drying chamber. Freeze-drying technology helps the green vegetable powder retain 95% of its natural nutrients (these nutrients are easily lost when they are heated at temperatures above 50 degrees), besides, the color and flavor of the original vegetables are preserved.



Besides using freeze drying technology, Dalahouse also applies organic farming methods. This means that Dalahouse does not use growth chemicals, pesticides, etc. in the process of growing vegetables. Moreover, the farms are located within a radius of 10km, which saves time in transportation from the farm to the factory. (about 4 hours). Thereby, the food after harvest still retains the fresh quality from the motherland.


Dalahouse produces green vegetable powders according to a closed process with strict standards to ensure that all green vegetables meet 100% organic requirements.


Agricultural production according to organic standards has never been an easy thing, but with the desire to bring the best quality products to consumers, Dalahouse has chosen clean, non-contaminated lands where is Nguyen Lam Vien highland to start production process. This process requires many rigorous factors such as:


  • Using organic fertilizers to provide nutrients for plants, the fertilizer used in Dalahouse farm is a natural fertilizer that is composted for 2-3 months to help prevent pests from here.


  • In addition, Dalahouse has used a smart watering system and built a water reservoir to avoid water shortages in the summer.


  • In addition, Dalahouse green vegetable powder ensures 100% organic, does not contain pesticides, because the farm uses biological measures such as garlic juice, ginger juice, ... to replace the use of chemicals.


As a result, Dalahouse has obtained the FDA certificate through rigorous evaluation and proved eligible to export green vegetable powder products to the US market. At the same time, we also own the ISO 22000:2018 certificate - this is a mandatory certificate for businesses operating in the food industry.


With the continuous efforts and enthusiasm of all Dalahouse employees with the desire to bring valuable products to consumers. Dalahouse has been affirming and will be a prestigious and reliable brand for all audiences not only in Vietnam but also in the world.

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