Combo Green Detox Powder - 63gr



Based on customer needs, Dalahouse and organic green detox powder products are a timely supplement to customers' health by making the nutrients from Mother Earth. From 7 different types of green vegetables, Dalahouse brings the best benefits to people with diverse nutritional values from familiar vegetables.

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Dalahouse green vegetable powder consists of 7 different types of vegetables: celery, kale, lettuce, centella asiatica, beets, spinach, wheatgrass, which are produced 100% organically combined with freeze-drying technology from Europe.

Ingredients: 100% pure vegetables
Includes 7 types of vegetables:

03 packs of Celery Powder
03 packs of Kale Powder
03 packs of Lettuce Powder
03 packs of Gotu kola Powder
03 packs of Beetroot Powder
03 packs of Spinach Powder
03 packs Wheatgrass powder


Mix 1 teaspoon of green vegetable powder + 300ml of filtered water (or warm),
Mix with pineapple/apple juice,
Make smoothies, put in nut milk, yogurt, add ice to taste

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